Three Personal Injury Myths You Might Still Believe

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Personal injury lawsuits often make it into the news, especially when the plaintiff wins a large settlement. As such, many myths have been spread about personal injury cases and how they are handled. If you ever need to pursue a personal injury case yourself, the belief that these myths are true might get in your way. So read on to discover some personal injury myths that are more fiction than fact.

Myth: If you're injured on someone's property, you can definitely sue them.

There are obviously cases in which you can sue the property owner after having been injured on their property. But to do so, you must prove that their negligence led to your injury -- which is often harder than it seems. If you came onto their property uninvited and just tripped over your own feet, chances are, you don't have a valid lawsuit. On the other hand, if you were on their property for a valid reason, they failed to maintain the property, and the lack of maintenance led to your fall and injuries -- you might have a case. Do not jump to the conclusion that any injury on someone's property entitles you to a lawsuit.

Myth: Filing a lawsuit will bankrupt the defendant.

Some people avoid filing personal injury cases, even when they might have a valid case, because they fear their will bankrupt the defendant or put them out of business. Though this does happen on occasion, in most cases, you really end up suing the defendant's insurance company. As long as the defendant has insurance, they will have to cover very little out of pocket. So it's worth pursuing your case without feeling guilty about doing so.

Myth: Personal injury cases take years to go through the courts.

There are cases that drag on and on for years, but this is a rarity. Most cases are actually settled out of court, so the process only takes a few months. The defendant and their attorney don't want to spend years in court any more than you do. So, their lawyer and your lawyer will sit down and try to negotiate a mutually agreeable settlement. Only if you cannot agree to a settlement do you have to go to court. And unless your case is overly complicated, it should be dealt with within a year or two. When you're out thousands due to an injury, pursuing your case is definitely worth the time.

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