3 Reasons To Hire A Child Support Attorney

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Has taking care of your living expenses been a struggle due to having to pay a substantial amount of child support to the father or mother of your children? If he or she is now demanding that you pay more child support, it doesn't mean that you are legally obligated to do so. Discussing the situation with a child support attorney is the smartest way to handle things without having to argue with the other party. An attorney can help you sort out several things in regards to your child support situation. Browse through the information in this article to gain some knowledge on why hiring an attorney is the right thing to do.

1. Your Case Will Be Heard in Court

The perk of hiring an attorney is that he or she will ensure that the case is handled in a legal manner. Rather than being a part of a conflict with the other party, the attorney will file legal documents for the case to be heard in court. Basically, a judge will be assigned to the case and will make a decision in regards to your complaints. Although the other party might be present in court, you will not have to speak to him or her. Your attorney will discuss everything on your behalf.

2. The Payment Amount Can Be Reduced

An attorney can possibly reduce the amount of money that you pay in child support. He or she will first need some important information in regards to your living situation. For example, you will have to provide evidence of the income you are making from your job. If you are not currently employed, let the attorney know. You might also be asked about the total amount of bills that must be paid each month, such as your utilities, rent, and auto insurance.

3. You Won't Have to Deal with Threats

If the other party has made any threats, such as keeping your children away if a higher amount of child support isn't paid, it can possibly be held against him or her legally. Your attorney can explain your situation to a judge, and that can give you more rights when it comes to visitation. The attorney will need evidence that the threats were made. For example, do you have any threatening notes from the other party? Telling the attorney names of witnesses of the threats can also be helpful.

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