Did Your Child Get A DUI? Tips To Prevent Them From Repeating Their Mistake

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If your child was arrested for driving under the influence, you'll already be dealing with the legal process with the help of a law firm like Throgmorton Winston Attorney. However, you'll want to ensure that they'll never repeat this behavior again. While you can take away their license and prevent them from getting behind the wheel, it may not make the lasting impression that you need. These techniques can help teach a teenager about why it is dangerous about driving under the influence of a substance

Make Them Go to a Support Group

Try to find a local support group that is for survivors of people that have been in DUI related accidents. Speak to the person in charge of the group, and ask if you can sit through some of these meetings with your child.

Actually seeing and hearing stories from people who've lost someone they loved from a drunk driver can make a really big impression on a child. They can actually put a face and a story to those people that will be hurt, and it can help your child change their behavior beyond their teenage years.

Install an Ignition Interlock Device

If you do not trust your child to get behind the wheel of a car again while sober, you can actually make it so they can't drive the vehicle. An ignition interlock device can be installed on any car, and it will require the drive to blow into the device before they can start up the car. If there is any alcohol detected, the car won't start. Even if the child has changed their ways and promises to never do it again, the ignition interlock device can be a constant reminder of what they did in the past.

Observe a DUI Related Autopsy

A child may drive while under the influence because they feel that they'll be able to drive just fine. At worse, they think of getting into an accident rather than causing a death by hitting another driver. Consider having them observe a DUI related autopsy so they can actually see what happens to the victim.

Some counties in California, such as Orange County, are actually requiring offenders to do this. The process can be quite shocking to a young driver since they most likely have never seen how fragile the human body can be in a car accident.

Taking these steps can help prevent a DUI from happening to your child in the future.

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