The Benefits Of Divorce Arbitration

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If you are divorcing your spouse, there are many ways that you can settle issues and move forward through the divorce process. You can come to an agreement on your own, you can work with a mediator to come to an agreement, you can work with a divorce arbitrator or you can take the case in front of a judge. If there are contentious issues that you are able to work out among yourselves, there are many benefits to going through divorce arbitration, rather than taking your case before a judge. Here are a few of those benefits. 

You Select the Arbitrator

One of the major benefits associated with divorce arbitration is that you and your spouse, or your divorce lawyers, get to select the arbitrator. This is beneficial because you can select an arbitrator who has specific experience with the factors you may be fighting over, such as child custody issues, real estate issues or debt issues. When you take your case to trial, you never know which judge you are getting. You can get a judge who does not have a lot of experience in ruling on disputed prenuptial agreements or sharing a military retirement account. Being able to select the arbitrator allows you to find one who has the experience with the issues you need help with the most. 

Arbitration is Private

The second benefit associated with divorce arbitration is that arbitration is private. It is done outside of a courthouse. When you have a trial, the transcripts and ruling are typically considered public record. Anyone may be able to pull them and read them. When you do arbitration, no one can pull the transcripts or see the final outcome, ensuring both you and your spouse more privacy. 

Typically Results in Faster Divorces

The last benefit of divorce arbitration is that it can help you get a divorce faster. Courts around the country have long wait times to have their divorce cases heard before a judge. An arbitrator rules on your case and their ruling is legally binding, just like a judge's would be. However, they are often able to get you in much faster than a divorce court and make a ruling faster. This allows you to proceed with your divorce quickly and move on. 

Going through a divorce can be emotional, time consuming and costly. If you are going through a divorce, a divorce lawyer can help navigate you through the different options you have to help minimize the cost and the time involved. One of these options is using an arbitrator. This can help you and your spouse go through the divorce process faster and move on with your lives faster. For more information, contact companies like Nichols, Speidel, & Nichols.

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