Need A DUI Attorney? What To Know Now To Try To Reduce Your Charges

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Drinking and driving isn't just a charge that will go on your criminal record, but it's an offense that people will judge you for, and people could consider your character compromised if you have this charge. If you were currently picked up for drinking and driving, and you are wondering if you can get the charges thrown out, or reduced, you have to hire a DUI attorney. A DUI specialist is the best professional to help deal with the charges, and who can really asses your case. Ask the attorney about these things.

Past Driving Record

Do you have a past driving record with other drinking and driving offenses, or a lot of moving violations like reckless operation, speeding and more? If so, this will hurt your case. If you have a lot of points on your license, you could be looking at a suspension or other consequences.  Bring this up right away when you sit down for your meeting, to see how it will affect your case.

Go Through the Procedure

If the police officer didn't follow the process and procedure properly when they brought you in, and sometimes they don't, then this could get you out of the charges. Talk with the lawyer about why you were pulled over, the on-site sobriety tests you took, and about the Breathalyzer machine. If you weren't read you rights, or the police officer did something controversial, this may be the angle your lawyer needs.

Agreeing to a Plea Deal

If escaping the charges doesn't seem like something you can do, you want to agree to a plea deal. You want your lawyer to work with the judge on your case to see what the best case scenario is, and to see what you could agree to so that the charges are lowered. You may have to pay hefty fines, do a lot of community service, and more, but it's worth it if you can get the DUI dropped down to a lesser charge. The judge won't likely work with you on a plea if you don't have a lawyer.

If you have been pulled over and you are being charged with a DUI offense, you want to seek legal help right away to get answers. You want to find out what is the best option is for your case, and what you need to start doing now. Your lawyer may want you to go to AA meetings, do community service, or pursue other self-help ventures before you meet with a judge. 

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