Do You Need To Take Notes? Pain Journals And Your Personal Injury Claim

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When you get hit by another driver you might assume that their insurance will pay for your damages and you are partially correct. The problem with auto insurance is that it is limited in what it covers. One big area of damage is your pain and suffering and you will need to file a legal claim against the insurance carrier to be compensated for that. You will need to make extra-sure that you keep up with the events that surround an injury claim, so read on to learn about how a pain journal could help you.

What do pain and suffering mean to you?

It probably means the general misery, pain, discomfort and stress that has resulted from the wreck. Dealing with your injury, missing work, having no transportation and the effects of the accident on your family all fall into the pain and suffering category; this form of damage is just as important as your medical bills or getting your car fixed and personal injury law allows you to include it in your request for money. When you think about the many ways that your life has been upset and changed by the accident that is not specifically attached to a money damage then you can then imagine what it is meant to cover.

The outcome of pain and suffering in people can look different depending on the person, but you might expect to experience everything from anxiety, mood swings, anger, depression, sleep problems and more. It should be mentioned that these emotional issues don't confine themselves to your brain, stress, and anxiety can affect your blood pressure and end up causing untold physical problems.

Keeping up with it all

Writing things down is known to be helpful and is a recommended therapy for those dealing with on-going traumatic events like a car wreck. While this practice is helpful to your recovery, it could also turn out to be helpful to your personal injury case. You will need to keep up with events that follow an accident and your journal can be used for more than just venting about the daily challenges of life after an accident.

Use your journal as a diary by making entries that are tied to your accident case. Write down your appointments and treatments, your transportation struggles,  and anything else that occurs after the wreck. You will have a handy record that, along with your journal entries, will serve as a helpful reminder of what you've been through.

Calling on your memory

There are at least four times during the personal injury process when you can use your journal to supply information. Such as:

  1. Preparation of the demand letter
  2. Settlement negotiations
  3. The deposition
  4. The trial

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