Involved In A Dispute? 4 Reasons Why Alternative Dispute Resolution May Be Your Best Option

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If you're involved in a dispute, and you have the choice between courtroom resolution and alternative dispute resolution, you owe it to yourself to choose the alternative route. Alternative dispute resolution services take the stress and conflict out of the process, which allows you and the other party to the opportunity to work together to come up with a settlement that you can both agree to. Here are four important reasons why alternative dispute resolution is the best option.

Maintain Control of Proceedings

When you're dealing with a legal dispute and you opt for courtroom resolution, you're at the mercy of court schedules. Unfortunately, that means that the judge sets the calendar, even if the dates conflict with your schedule. Not only that, but the judge determines the pace and scope of the proceedings, as well. However, when you and the other parties choose alternative dispute resolution, you maintain control over the proceedings. That means that you and the other parties involved in the dispute agree on meeting dates, discovery rules, and timelines for resolution.

Save Money on Legal Fees

Going to court for dispute resolution can be a costly venture. Not only do you have to pay for all the court fees, but you also have to pay additional costs for your attorney to attend court hearings. One of the benefits of alternative dispute resolution is that you can save money on the legal fees since all meetings will take place outside of the courtroom.

All Proceedings Are Private

One of the problems with going to court for dispute resolution is that all the proceedings become a matter of public record. That means that anyone can request copies of all your court hearings, etc. Unfortunately, that means that any settlement you receive will become a matter of public record. However, when you opt for alternative dispute resolution, all the proceedings will remain private.

Speedier Resolution of Disputes

When you go through the courts to settle a dispute, you run the risk of a prolonged case. Not only do you have to wait for court dates, but you also have to wait for settlement negotiations, court decisions, and then the appeals process. Unfortunately, the appeals process can drag on for years. One of the benefits of alternative dispute resolution is that you don't have to wait through all that. You determine how long the proceedings will take, and once an agreement is reached, the case is closed.

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